Sunday, January 01, 2012

Year 2011

Wow, i checked back my previous post, I blogged a grand total of 3 post on the previous post. Lazy to the max! I guess facebook updates had somehow replaced my blog updates. Year 2011 was like a flash and now, today is the first day of year 2012 already. I think 2011 was very much better than 2010. If at the end of the year 2010 i was NOT looking forward for Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year, this year i changed. I am so looking forward to it. I can say Year 2011 was much better than i had expected :)

1. Went for Krabi Trip at early of the year. It was a trip full of laughters and impossible missions. Very crazy, very fun and very memorable. A little sad because this could be the final trip to be done in large group. Highlights of the trip:
- Kayak the whole island against the current. Arm sore like hell. But very satisfying.
- Climbed 1237 of stairs to Tiger Cave. Very crazy. But the view up there was breathtaking, especially the view of faraway of approaching storm.
- Walked to Blue Lagoon from Emarald park for 3km, bare foot. Very damn stupid ;D and nothing spectacular except the geli feeling of stepping of muddy soil ish...
- Massage every night wheeee~



2. Had a festive CNY, with almost everyone wear cheongsam. First ever CNY comment that I am slightly slimmer, yup, only slightly wtf

3. Welcoming these two cute little boy. Baby Ryan and Baby Lucas.


4. Visited Sungai Lembing for the first time. and Second and Third time in half a year. Why like that, but none of the visit i got to watch perfect sunrise.


5. Start participating in run events. Did Standard Chartered, Shape, BSN and Nike Run for the second half of the year. Did 5km most of the time. Am targeting another 5 runs next year. Could be a little freak for joining so much of runs, but it was good for me. Simply because, it gave me more motivation to train running frequently. Hence, better health and maybe fitness and probably less fat :D


6. Fall in Love. Earlier of the year, I was telling myself to enjoy and appreciate every single moment whenever i'm out because i wont know when Mr. Right will reach me and things are going to change. And came to search me when i least expect it.


7. Visit to Cambodia, only with PY. Very scenic Angkor Wat, it is one of the magnificent scene sunrise seen i will never forget. The pink purple hue of sky as the backdrop of the emerging Angkor Wat grand temple. Not forgetting the long distance bicycle cycling under thunderstorm and a foot deep of water level. Very unforgettable trip.


8. Bought an awesome new queen bed. Worth every cent paid. No more sleeping on floor. Trying to have better living for self reward. I think it reduces my backpain.


9. Definitely cook more and bake more. Made awesome Mango Lou, chocolate cake and Dumpling.

10. Swim more previously. Attempted to swim in full size swimming pool twice weekly.

11. Start to read books. Bought some much of books this year. Read:
- Dan Brown's Angel and Demons; and The Lost Symbol. Interesting.
- Did The Sister Keeper halfway, stopped because I think i strained my eyes too much from reading from screen and too kiam siap to buy a book i that i had read first half of it.
- Done Coffession of Shopaholic. Funny and witty.
- Half way reading Empress Orchid. Was interesting a the beginning on how she attempted to enter Forbidden City. And Now a bit draggy when it talks about wars blerghh...
- More to go on year 2012: Thousand of Splendid Suns, The Love Peony, Looking forward to get Life of A Pi, Steve Jobs biography, more Dan Brown's.

12. Shyan's convocation.


13. Had a Lee's siblings buffet session. Eat eat eat!


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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Steamboat discussion via WhatsApp GroupChat

Whatsapp- Cool instant mobile messenger supported by almost all smartphones. But the uncool part is, not everyone is active on it. Few categories of users as below
The categories:

Type 1. Active and use it as a substitute for sms
Type 2. Installed it, turned it on only when neccesary
Type 3. Installed it, turned it on once and uninstalled it because it consumed too much phone credit

Study case 1:
Planning a steamboat via Whatsapp.

Intiator: Type A user, a new convert from normal sms, having the mindset everyone on the contact list is a Type 1 user.


Type 1 user: Responded almost instantaneous, suggesting another communication channel to proceed with the plan
Initiator: Still firm that everyone is Type 1 user
Type 2 user: Responded after 6 hours
Type 3 user: Response not available until further notice

Special Responses:
Impatient Type 1 user: Left the conversation almost immediately after multiple messages.

1. Whatsapp is still a one to one communication
2. Whatsapp spams like shit in GroupChat
3. Steamboat discussion via Whatsapp GroupChat failed


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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The childhood, the darker one

This photo reminds me a lots of my childhood. Always wearing the clothes given by cousin, I was one very complicated person inside. I used to wonder so many What and Why that i never got answered. At this age, i was already a very controlling person. I yelled when i was furious, I spanked my brother and sister when i felt they were too naughty, and i went to the extent of setting numerous rules around the house ie. who does the tidying, who does the wiping and so on.

But the story was different when i was in school.

I was a nobody in school, hanged between the Top Class and Middle Class, mixing with lots Malay friends, having no one to talk with in POL class(mandarin class on Saturday morning). Every day, I envied the chinese from the Top Class and dreamt to be one of them. It was not helping that my best friend was an Eurasian Chinese who got a driver that sends her to school everyday, always created the best art(with the help of her mum and sister of course), and had the coolest birthday party celebration on their back yard of their bungalow. And who I was? I went to school with a van, squeezed between other smelly school boys. Some part of the time, i went to school with a school bus to found out the bus had left before I finished my classes. Sometimes, i had to wait for 2 hours for the ride home. I saw everyone left the school with their cars and bus. And the most dreaded time was when the school bell rang and everyone will need to queue up before the headmaster opened the gate. We were required to queue in pairs, which I hated the most. I never got someone to pair up with. Every day I will need to scout around to find for another unlucky single friend person or risking being caught by the prefect when the queue moved. Sometimes, I purposely slowed down my steps after the class ended hoping the queue had cleared.

Every day, I prayed that father will come to pick me up. I prayed that father will be richer so that I got to buy nicer pencil boxes, bigger box of watercolors and cooler mechanical pencils. My lunchbox was always 2 slice of bread, which was so Meh, I wished I got more pocket money to buy curry mee, nasi lemak, fried chicken, fishballs and softdrinks.

Guess those were the darkest past I had in my childhood, thing just grew better after those years. I managed to get into the Top Class on Standard Six and secondary school time was a happier one 

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Best friends wedding

My four best friends are married now. All four of them got married on the last quarter of 2010. If two years ago, I protested the I did not want to get married, I change my mind now. I (actually) want to get married too, just because I don't want to be left out. I now know why people got married. It is a process of life. It is about living the life, not doing things alone, to take care of someone or to be taken care of. It is to come home, to share dinners because cooking is a tedious task, and it should be enjoyed together. It is also building a home, with someone whom you can lean on, forever.

Little story of Jessy: We had known each other not too long(to compare to other friends), but for sure we are on the fast lane of friendship as we jumped straight into best friend once we met. We got no time to start from hi-bye friend. A sweet caring girl now turned into the wife and mummy of Baby Ryan. I will never forget how she craves for sushi during her early pregnancy time. My most caring friend, congratulation and best wishes, you found your destiny, you won't know how much of people will envy you.

Jessy & Louis, September 2010

Little story of Abby: Abby is not the name we called you, because we had known each other much earlier than Abby was born. From someone I truly admire during school time, slowly we became a better friend, to a frequent mid night chatting kaki, to going to university together and even to share a same room; you are the one girl I hope I wish I can become. How could we forget; how we entertain each other by playing cards 'chor dai dee' just to pass our time faster. You got a heart of gold; which i wish I had been a better friend. No matter how different are our thinking; how you dreamy are you or how practical am I, at some points, we agreed with each other. Loving every moment we spent together, I wished we had traveled more together and hanging out more doing things together. Best wishes my friend, happiness will be chasing you around all the time.

Abby & Desmund, September 2010

Little story of Woei Kuan: My beauty, always beautiful inside and out. There must be a reason we got a same name; just because we can really be great friend. The time that we had spent together is not too long, but you are like a part of my family; although I can't decide who is the elder sister. I can always felt the warmth that you brought, even though I can be damn cold all the time. I don't know why, being with you give me a feeling of closer to home. You can be very sensitive emotionally, but I know you can be real happy over simple things. My beauty, please stay beautiful and cheerful, you are one great lady!


Woei Kuan & Samson, November 2010

Little story of Latha: Over years, I still prefer calling you Latha. It is the first name I called you. You and fun are inseparable. You are so popular that you got a lot of good friends around you, and I am proud to have you as one of my best friends. I like it how we hide in the library to study together, despite not attending the same class together. I like it that you choosen me to be your assignment or project partner over some many of friends you had; how can I forget how we rush over the assignments and final year project. You 'induced' some much of my laughters, stories that come from you are surely interesting and dramatic. You are definitely able to spread the positive energy around. We talked about true first love and now yours came true. He will be your guardian, giving you supports and love. Take care my friend.

Asalatha & Mani, Dec 2010

P.S: If you had seen this post in draft, i apologize, my mistake for publishing it accidently :p

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Do not enter my room

I love fresh air.
I dislike locking myself in the room.
But recently, I had changed.
I no longer allows fresh air come into my room. I hope no one took a glance inside my room.
I am insecure, if i am to leave my room door open.
And I wish i need not to share the same corridor.
And the reason i changed is because
I am damn ashamed of myself


Damn pathetic, it started with a small scratch. And one day my foot decided to slipped into the scratch. And yesterday my another foot decides to create another holes.

This is the most expansive bedsheet i had bought. 350 Thread Count. Why? The color fade off too fast and none of my older bedsheets was torn before.

I need to buy new bedsheets( and new mattress preferably)!!!!

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My awesome phone

Did i already announce what phone I am using? Hehe..not HTC Hero not even HTC magic, but a spec higher. This is the only phone that i truly want, i mean i love this phone and i go this phone. And it is not because this is the cheapest, the most practical phone, this is a phone I LOVE.

To be exact this is my third phone. The first was the legendary Nokia 3310(can throw to dog man) when the dream phone was 8310, followed by Nokia 2100 when the dream phone was color screen, followed by a second hand Nokia 3XXX when the dream phone was blah blah blah

And last June, I dreamt of having this phone and...taadah....I got it and loving it..My favorite phone (at this moment), proudly representing.... HTC Legend, still running on Android 2.1 Eclair.


My this awesome phone got:

1. A 5.0MP camera, which made me tried to dump my digital camera(Casio Z9) in my room. The camera is good enough with the present of daylight.

2. Google Maps, which is sufficient for me to travel around Klang Valley without getting lost. It is an online GPS, but it doesn't matter because I am on Digi SmartPlan aka. unlimited access to the internet

3. Tethering service, which enable me to share the internet connection with my notebook, anytime everywhere inside Malaysia la..But not good enough in mentakab because mentakab dont have H signal duh!

4. Facebook, Gmail and Twitter on the go..woohoo...Upload photo to fb, no problem wor hehe...

5. Blog, blog, i love to read people blog..oh yeah!

6. Games, my brother and sisters will full time engaged with my phone games when i am back at home.

Ok, no last but not least. More and more awesome pro :D and i hope you havent got bored yet :D :D

Last photo of me and my awesome phone Pulau Ketam :D



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Thursday, November 25, 2010

My almost blonde hair

Just to post up a photo i like very much.
I am glad i got a new hair cut, it got nicer if i am able to blow and style it.
Still unsure whether i like this hair color, because it looked very dull on average days :(
But, no regret because i tried it and it is not from hair studio(remember i am cheapskate?). Just the regrowth part is zzz....


Item used:
1. Hair dye Beauteen
2. Hair cut Hed Kandee
3. Contact lens FreshLook
4. Liquid Foundation Loreal True Match
5. Eyeliner pencil Simplicity
6. Blusher and Bronzer ELF
7. Lip Gloss Clinique
8. Brown Eyeshadow Daiso
9. Mascara Relian

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